Konami has asked that Skullgirls be removed from the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, just before the new additions and tweaks to the game could be made.

An article on CVG informed us that Mike Zaimont, design director on Skullgirls, announced on a Twitch stream Konami has requested that the game be pulled from the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Skullgirls would disappear from the PSN on Dec. 17 and from Xbox Live on Dec. 31.

It would seem that Konami requested the removal of the game since it has ended its relationship with Lab Zero, but did so without the developer's knowledge. It wasn't until the requests were approved did Lab Zero find out that the game would be taken down.

Zaimont said, "[Co-publisher] Autumn Games asked if Konami would extend the deadline to the 31st and Konami said Sony wouldn't let us. Then Sony asked Konami if they would extend the deadline and they said Autumn won't let us. Then they asked [Konami] together and we haven't got a response."

As a result, Lab Zero is working on another build of Skullgirls to be published by Autumn Games. This version will include Squigly and the beta changes that they were going to make. Hopefully we'll see an Autumn Games-published version of Skullgirls before the winter break.