Michael Keaton, Aaron Paul, and Dominic Cooper are on the scene in Macon, GA as filming has begun on the Need for Speed movie adaptation.

Macon's CBS affiliate WMAZ 13 broke the news on Monday morning when giving the traffic report, and talking about the road closures happening for the film shoot. The day's shoot was apparently set to take place at a local car wash, but it's unclear just who was going to be on location, and what the car wash would have to do with the final film.

The adaptation is set to arrive in theaters in 2014, and will be produced by EA, Dreamworks, and Disney. Obviously they're hoping to capitalize on the Fast and Furious fanbase, which has proven to have a reliable (and captive), audience. We won't know what to think until we start seeing some footage from the film, but if the game's crazy car action makes it into the cut, consider our tickets bought.