The Need for Speed movie adaptation will be a "beautiful and stunning" film according to co-star Dominic Cooper.

Speaking with Arcade Sushi's sister site Screen Crush, Dominic Cooper, one of the stars of the upcoming Need for Speed film, talked a bit about what the film and his character would be like.

"[Director Scott Waugh] wants to make a really beautiful, stunning film with these incredible machines in it and with an in-depth, proper character-driven story," Cooper said, adding that the vibe of the films would be reminiscent of the great car chase movies of the '70s.

As for his own role in the movie? Cooper promised he would be up to no good with co-star Aaron Paul. "I’m playing some sort of horrible… [Laughs] A guy who is trapped in a position and forced into doing something absolutely terrible," Cooper stated. "I need to sort of work out how we as an audience will be able to sort of identify and have some sort of sympathy for him."

Pre-production on Need for Speed has just gotten underway, with the feature set to arrive sometime in 2014. With Fast and the Furious sequels continuing to perform, and little competition from other production houses out there, it would appear there's plenty of room on the screen for another high-octane adventure. Whether or not Need for Speed can deliver is another question entirely.