Criterion Games, the team behind much of the Need for Speed and Burnout franchises, has revealed its new action/sports hybrid IP.

The team that made car crashing an enjoyable process in the Burnout series, has unveiled its newest project during EA's E3 2014 presentation. This untitled, extreme sports project is set in a first-person perspective that doesn't let you go. This title takes much of its inspiration from the SNES classic, Pilotwings, along with the plethora of Go-Pro-filmed extreme sports videos that can be found throughout Youtube.

The project is currently in the early alpha stage of development, but we can see characters skydiving, landing on quad bikes and doing other death-defying actions all in an epic chain of extreme sequences. Factoring in that this is meant to be in a first-person perspective, and you will be immersed in realistic, adrenaline rushes right before your very eyes. Stay tuned as we will provide more coverage on this title once Criterion releases more information.