Koch Media, the folks who publish games under the Deep Silver label, have offered $22.3 million for Volition, Inc., makers of Saints Row, and $5.8 million for 4A Games and its Metro franchise.

Updated with official statement from Koch Media.

The offer is part of the THQ sale, in which the bankrupt company auctioned off its assets. Nothing is final until it's been approved by a judge, but moves have been made by different entities to snatch up assets under THQ's banner.

The German-based Koch Media and its publishing arm, Deep Silver, are responsible for games such as the Dead Island series and have offered a total of $28.1 million for Volition, Inc. and 4A Games. Volition comes with the Saints Row and Red Faction franchises while 4A Games come with Metro 2033 and the upcoming Metro: Last Light.

Let us know what you think about THQ's sales and how you feel about the different entities buying their assets.


Koch Media-owned Publisher Deep Silver Takes the Reins on the Two Dominant and Beloved Interactive Entertainment Franchises

Planegg, Germany / Larkspur, CA – JANUARY 23, 2013 – Koch Media, a leading independent producer and marketer of digital entertainment products in Europe and North America, announced today that it has secured the intellectual property rights for two of the most popular and successful THQ franchises, Metro and Saints Row, as well as Chicago-based development studio, Volition, as THQ continues to liquidate its assets in closed auctions this week.

Deep Silver, Koch Media’s international publishing powerhouse, will lead all further development and marketing on the Saints Row and Metro franchises, each of which boast millions of units sold worldwide and vast, dedicated fan bases.

“Koch Media welcomes the addition of these magnificent franchises to the Koch Media family of entertainment properties,” said Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media GmbH. “With more than 200 games on notable platforms globally, and its proven success creating renowned franchises like Dead Island, Deep Silver is perfectly positioned to lead these brands into the next generation of interactive entertainment for fans around the world.”

“These franchises hold a special place in the hearts and minds of anyone who loves exceptional video games,” said Geoff Mulligan, COO of Deep Silver, Inc. “We’re thrilled to usher in a new era for these franchises and are proud to welcome the visionaries and talented forces at Volition on board.”

Koch Media and Deep Silver will roll out future plans for each franchise in the coming months.