Saints Row IV Review
The Saints are back in Stilwater with chaos and mayhem to spread. In the likely last chapter to be released on Xbox 360s and PS3, the Saints have a new menace and it came from outer space! What is going on here -- isn’t this series bizarre enough already?
Homeworld IP Crowdfunding Bid Unsuccesful
An indie developer called teamPixel decided to appeal to the masses so they could place a competitive bid in the THQ auction for Homeworld. Sadly, they have failed and will be issuing refunds to all the kind people who donated.
Darksiders Sadness
After the smoke had cleared in the THQ asset auction, both the Vigil Studio and its Darksiders franchise were left without a home. If Platinum Games gets its way, that might not be the case for very long.
Take-Two Taking WWE
In the hustle and bustle that was Wednesday's deconstruction of THQ's assets, a few games, like the WWE franchise, were left out of the madness. Now reports indicate there could be a major sports developer stepping in to take over the wrestling series.

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