A few of THQ’s IPs are still floating around, abandoned in the games industry ether after the studio went bankrupt. One of their most well received IPs, Darksiders, is one of them, and it is drawing the attention of some pretty big names in game development.

The IP will go up for auction again on April 1st, along with several other “packs” filled with different THQ IPs. Crytek, the developers behind Crysis, have confirmed via Twitter that they will, in fact, be bidding on the Darksiders IP when it goes up for sale. The confirmation comes from Crytek USA boss David Adams who wrote “Going to bid on Darksiders IP. Put 7 years of heart and soul into that franchise, and I think it belongs at home with its creators.”

Adams said this because several of Vigil’s former employees now work at Crytek. Vigil was the studio that originally created Darksiders and which recently went out of business.

Vigil had plans for Darksiders to be a four-part series, each one focusing on a different Horseman of the Apocalypse. If the Darksiders IP does go to Crytek after the auction, it is very likely that we will see Darksiders 3 on the horizon.

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