A new gameplay trailer for Crytek’s upcoming MOBA, Arena of Fate, was released today, showing some of the most famous fictional characters in history duking it out for control of the battlefield.

Arena of Fate will pair MOBA action, in the style of League of Legends, with iconic literary and historical figures to create a unique, fast-paced battle arena experience. The trailer is (irritatingly), narrated by one of the playable characters, Little Red Riding Hood. Red teams up with Sir Richard the Lionheart, Robin Hood, Alice (of Wonderland), and Achilles to face off against a decidedly evil squad consisting of Frankenstein’s Monster, Jack the Ripper, Fenrir (the monstrous wolf from Norse mythology), an unnamed monster and an unnamed witch.

The video shows a pretty standard MOBA battle, with hero characters leading mobs of minions to battle enemies and destroy opponents’ towers and bases. Heroes are able to upgrade their abilities as the game progresses. A 20-minute time limit is placed on battles, but skilled warriors can end the game early by defeating dangers that lurk in the arena. Completing these challenges scores points for the team, and the first team to score ten points automatically wins the game.

While the MOBA action seen in the video is pretty standard fare, the game’s visuals set it apart from other battle arena games. The arena itself is a beautifully-designed location, with a vibrant color palette and intricate details like carvings on each stepping stone and realistic weathering on statues and towers. Character models are also well done, featuring a cartoonish style that gives each fighter a distinct look. With top-notch graphics, a free-to-play business model, focused gameplay and a slew of world-renowned characters, Arena of Fate is looking to make its mark on the MOBA world. No release date has been announced yet.

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