Could Marius Titus be returning to the battlefield? A recent listing on a European retail website hints that we'll get even more quick time events to play.

After Crytek announced that Ryse: Son of Rome will be coming to PC with all of the Xbox One's downloadable content included, it should be no surprise that the game is being repackaged for Xbox One and given a similar treatment. All Games Beta recently posted the box art for the Legendary Edition of Ryse: Son of Rome, indicating that the game has already showed up on GameMania, a European online retailer. The site claims that the Legendary Edition will include three new maps in solo gameplay, four new game add-ons and a bonus skin for Marius Titus. It is likely that the four add-ons will be the previously released DLC Packs for Ryse: Son of Rome on Xbox One, which includes the Colosseum, Mars, Duel of Fates and Moturi Packs. Most of these Packs include additional arena maps, character skins, game modes and special weapon skins.

GameMania has Ryse: Son of Rome's Legendary Edition listed with a Sept. 5 release date and a price of €49.98, which translates to $66.89. If the Legendary Edition does come out in North America, we have a feeling it'll be priced significantly lower.