After finishing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Transformers: Devastation, Platinum Games director Kenji Saito would like to do an anime-based game.

Kenji Saito is currently wrapping up development on the G1-style Transformers: Devastation third-person action game, but with it set to launch in a couple of months, fans are wondering what he's going to do next. Saito, known for helming the Raiden-filled slasher Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, would like to tackle one of his favorite anime series (courtesy of Polygon).

When asked by a fan on Twitter if he'd be willing to direct a game based off of the popular Gatchaman anime franchise or the Karas OVA series, Saito had his own animated series that he'd love to convert into a third-person action game: Kill La Kill and Berserk.

We should note that Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya has been rather vocal about his desire to developer a Star Fox game in the past. Surprisingly, Nintendo hired Platinum Games to help developer Star Fox Zero after they made that awesome sequence in Bayonetta 2.

Berserk is a popular manga and anime series that follows Guts, who hunts the demonic Apostles, which are humans who made a deal with an archdemon for otherworldly powers. Kill La Kill is by the makers of Gurren Lagann that is about Ryuko Matoi joining a militarized academy where certain school uniforms can grant you special powers. Matoi joins the school in order to find the person responsible for murdering her father.

A Platinum Games third-person slasher based on Kill La Kill or Berserk? We'd love to play either one.

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