Xbox and Platinum Games have unveiled a new trailer for Scalebound at Gamescom 2015.

Combining equal parts How to Train Your Dragon, Monster Hunter, Dragonheart and Panzer Dragoon, Scalebound is all about Platinum Games' signature, fast-paced style of third-person action while throwing in a massive wyvern into the mix. Director Hideki Kamiya is all about action games and has also been a lifelong fan of both dragons and RPGs, so he knows what he's doing when it comes to Scalebound. There have been ginormous monsters featured throughout the Devil May Cry and Bayonetta series, so throwing a dragon into this action formula isn't that big of a change. Scalebound will be Platinum's first major take on an action-RPG title. You play a guy named Drew who has befriended a massive wyvern named Thuban. As you can tell by Drew's powers and dragon-esque arm, he has some kind of special, magical bond with his beast.

During this alpha footage, you're able to see Drew issue commands to Thuban, who would decimate buildings and enemy forces based on the player's choices. Meanwhile, Drew must slay the ground troops so they don't overwhelm his grand companion. There were some obvious frame rate issues during this alpha footage that I really hope gets addressed later on. It would suck if having Thuban on-screen would continue to make the frame rate dip when he's so prevalent throughout the gameplay.

Scalebound will launch sometime in 2016 exclusively for Xbox One.

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