While the default protagonist option in the Mass Effect series had Commander Shepard as a male, the character was originally designed as a female.

Jonathan Cooper is currently working at Naughty Dog, but he was also the lead animator at BioWare during the making of Mass Effect 1-2. Cooper recently Tweeted that when Commander Shepard, the main character of the Mass Effect series, was first imagined, she was a woman, Polygon reports. That's right, FemShep is the true default version of Commander Shepard.

The Tweet not only shows that Commander Shepard was originally a woman in this posted three-second-long animation snippet, but it also features Cooper's own confirmation in its caption, "Yup, Commander Shepard was originally a woman." Nevertheless, we're glad the team decided to follow Jade Empire's footsteps in letting players choose their protagonist's gender.

So, there you have it -- for all the people out there arguing about it, Commander Shepard was originally designed as a woman. Never forget, the Reapers don't care what gender you are.