The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, or MAME, is back on iOS. But instead of a return of the iMame program that was briefly released back in 2011, this new arcade emulator comes in a bit of a disguise, bundled inside an otherwise unassuming retro game by the name of Gridlee.

According to the description in the App Store, Gridlee was a grid-based, early '80s arcade shooter with aliens that was never released. Until now, it would seem. The game apparently runs on the MAME4iOS emulator technology that's part of the app. But here's the catch -- with a little digging, you can also load up the emulator itself by locating the proper folder. Retro gamers rejoice!

If you're not following, here's what the sleuths at Touch Arcade (who found the location of the folder) have to say about it:

When word of this hit our forums, readers were quick to pull out iExplore and begin digging about the app’s directory structure looking for a ROM folder. Well, it’s in there, and sure enough, if one copies other MAME ROMs into that folder, the Gridlee app starts up with the standard MAME4iOS ROM listing, allowing for a great many games beyond just Gridlee to be played on the iPhone or iPad in this Universal app.

Of course, we would have no idea where you could go to get yourself some ROMs. We would never endorse that kind of thing. But if you do happen to have a few of those lying around, you might as well take advantage of all that Gridlee has to offer. Smoke 'em if you got 'em guys! We have a feeling that Gridlee won't be around forever in its present form.