When we think of endless runner games, we don't usually picture anything that's in first person. But leave it to the developers at Pikpok, the studio behind cute games like Twang the Fox and Monsters Ate My Condo, to switch things up with their soon-to-be-released title Into the Dead.

Not only is Pikpok deviating from their usual repertoire of friendly fare, but they are trying something that's not often done by taking the endless runner genre into the first person. Hopefully, this envelope-pushing will help to bring something new and fresh to the undead stench of zombie games.

According to IGN, Into the Dead will be a freemium title. While carving through hordes of undead, gamers will earn coins slowly that will allow the purchase of classic zombie killing weapons, such as chainsaws. But of course, like with all the freemium titles out there now, you will have the option to purchase these coins to level up faster.

What will be in store for gamers with this title? There's no trailer out yet, so it's hard to tell what to expect. But we won't have to wait long, as the game will be released this week.