The holidays are looming upon us again, and there's no escaping it no matter where you go. Dreamworks is releasing their new animated feature called Rise of the Guardians on November 21st and they just put out a new app to promote it.

Dash n Drop lets you take control of Santa, one of the Guardians in the movie. Presents have been scattered all over the world and it's up to you to collect them and make sure their delivered. While collecting presents and coins, you must also try and avoid the Nightmare creatures who try and stop you.

The game could be considered an endless runner, but you travel from city to city, collecting and delivering presents. Once you've met that city's quota, you fly up into the clouds and collect coins before diving back down to the next city. If the timer runs out, your game is over.

The graphics are really nice, but the controls need to be a bit more sensitive to your touch. Santa doesn't dive and rise and sharp as I'd like. Still, it's fun to play and there are some nice extras, Guardian power-ups and daily goals that will keep you coming back for more.

While this isn't a review of the game, it's still worth mentioning its good and bad points. Take a look at the trailer and some screenshots I took while playing and decide for yourself. It's not a bad pickup for a dollar and might even bring you some early holiday cheer.

Click to pick up Dash n Drop for your iPhone & iPad.