Happy Holidays from Dreamworks everybody! To ring in the season, you can nab this cute little app, which is connected to the film Rise of the Guardians. Check out our Free App of the Day!

Don't look now, but there's trouble at the North Pole and all of the presents have been scattered! Someone needs to deliver them to the children of the world and that someone is you. And Santa.

Be sure to enlist some elves to help you out on your way, because there will be no shortage of Nightmare creatures who will try and stop you. Along the way, you will also be able to use some of the other Guardians' power-ups to help you, such as Jack Frost’s enemy freeze, Tooth Fairy’s coin catch and Bunnymund’s boomerang.

Pick up DreamWorks Dash n Drop for your iPhone & iPad for free before the price goes back up!