If you can't stop thinking about puzzles or are constantly puzzled by modern life, then chances are you like to play puzzle games. What's that? Oh, sorry ... just can't stop saying the word puzzle. You better stop reading right now, unless you like puzzle games. And guess what? Interlocked is a puzzle game. It's also our Free App of the Day!

But really though, do you know those real-world puzzles that consist of wood blocks that are seemingly impossible to separate? Well, that's Interlocked. In each level of this game, you have a unique 3D object that you must "solve" by taking it apart. Trust us, it's really satisfying when you manage to pick apart one of these things.

Like other zen puzzle games out there, Interlocked has plenty of chill music playing in the background while you try and solve each level. Good thing too, since you will need something to keep you calm on some of the more challenging levels.

Pick up Interlocked for your iPhone & iPad for free before the price goes back up!

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