The ocean is a scary place. Unless you're a shark. If you're a shark, the ocean is your playground and you can eat any one who wants to take up the monkey bars. Those are your monkey bars. And you're not in a sharing mood. But you don't mind sharing the fact that Hungry Shark Evolution is the Free App of the Day!

Start off as a baby shark and eat your way into becoming a 10-ton Great White! Snack on everything under and over the sea, including fish, turtles, divers and any and everything else stupid enough to get in the water with you.

The game features five different shark species you can grow and upgrade, a huge free-roaming world ready for your carnage, touch or tilt controls, 45 missions, 3D graphics and more. Pick up Hungry Shark Evolution for your iPhone & iPad for free before the price goes back up!

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