Apple's been on a huge tear of successes since releasing the iPhone, but nobody could have expected the company to have the quarter it just had.

Apple did so well in its Q1 2015 earnings that we should probably cite it as the company behind the saying, "Go big or go home." Not only did Apple do better this past quarter than any of its other quarters, it did better this quarter than anyone's other quarter. Tech Crunch reports that previously, Russia's Gazprom held the record, but now Apple has pushed it down to second place.

Gazprom is the world's largest natural gas extractor, and as it stands, out of the top 20 companies on the list, 15 of them are oil or gas producers. But when comparing Gazprom's record of $16.2 billion in a quarter and Apple's of $18.04 billion in a quarter, not only did Apple push the company into second, but it seems to have just absolutely stomped on Gazprom. What does this mean? It means that Apple made $8.3 million dollars per hour in profit. That's pretty nuts.

Oh, and just for the record, the remaining five companies in that list of 20 best financial quarters in history? All five are Apple. Yeah.

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