Zombies, zombies and more zombies. What are we going to do with them all? It's no use trying to kill them, because they just won't go away. So might as well join 'em, right? That's where Infectonator comes in. This game takes a whole new spin on the zombie genre, one that we think you will have a fun time with. That's why Infectonator is today's Free App of the Day!

Instead of splattering zombies everywhere like in most games, Infectonator tasks you with helping to spread the zombie plague across the world. Based on a popular flash game, this version is now fully optimized for your iOS device of choice.

This zombie apocalypse simulator is presented in a fun, colorful pixel art style as well, making the destruction of the world a fun thing! Which it should be. There's no need for all that doom and gloom. If you're gonna have to deal with a wasteland, might as well have dancing zombies in it.

So the only thing standing between you and a worldwide zombie plague is one little download. Did we mention that download is free? Cause it is. So there should be nothing stopping you from downloading Infectonator for your iPhone & iPad!

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