Whenever a movie tie-in game is released, it is usually met with an audible groan from gamers. With the exception of very few, these games are usually cheap grabs at money. At best, they are a simple re-skin of an already successful game. At worst, they are an unplayable waste of good computer code. But, sometimes they elevate themselves past the worst and toward the truly wretched. Below is our list for the 10 Worst Movie Games. (Please note that many of these games are so bad that they aren't even available in the App Store anymore. Who would want to download them anyway?)

  • 10

    Escape the Dark Forest

    NBC Universal, Inc.

    Rounding out the bottom of our list of the 10 Worst Movie Games is a shameless knockoff of Temple Run. Basically the endless run game was taken and mashed into a dress from the set of Snow White and The Huntsman. You would think that when a movie tie-in game is a cheap knock-off of an already existing game, that it would actually work. But, it doesn't. It crashes constantly and the few minutes you do get to play are more boring that Kristin Stewart's facial expressions.

  • 9

    Flux Capacitor

    Pocket Paradox, LLC

    If you’re entertained by flashing lights and silly noises, then this is the app for you. For the rest of us, we will wait until we can race around on a hoverboard and send Griff into a pile of manure. Back to the Future made for great adventure games, but there is so much potential for an action game as well. Just, please don’t port over the original movie tie-in game that was release for the NES. It was worse than Biff’s jokes.

  • 8

    James Cameron's Avatar


    It is only customary that a horribly over praised, big budget movie that basically rehashes Pocahontas in space would have an equally pretty, but flawed tie-in game. Avatar has aspirations of bringing epic-sized gaming to mobile devices, but it sadly fails. Like the movie, it is shiny, but ultimate just a shell of other, better, games.

  • 7

    Hunger Games Adventures

    Funtactix, Inc

    The Hunger Games Adventures has a number of problems. First of all, it is achingly boring and utterly lacking in originality. Second, it looks as if Farmville was given a thin veneer of Hunger Games, then shoved out into the App Store. But the worst problem of all? It simply isn’t fun, which is why it's included in our list of the worst movie games.

  • 6

    Piranha 3DD

    The Weinstein Company

    While the idea behind Piranha 3DD could be wildly entertaining, the actual execution is sorely lacking. The graphics are terrible. The piranhas look like cardboard facsimiles and your human victims look like they’re doing a bad impersonation of a drugged up robot. A game about gratuitously munching on unsuspecting party people could be hours of fun. Instead, it is a repetitive slog through a game worse than the worst kind of B-movie; one that has pretensions of being good.

  • 5


    Artificial Life, Inc.

    Any space horror game has to contend with the juggernaut of Dead Space. But Pandorum decided that the highest form of flattery was just plain theft. This movie tie-in wants to be Dead Space so hard, it would gladly make-out with a necromorph just to get at some of the good gameplay. Sadly, the gameplay, graphics, and everything else is simply terrible. This is another one on our worst movie games list that’s so bad you can’t find it in the App Store anymore.

  • 4

    Underworld: Rise of the Lychans

    Sony Pictures Television

    This game is bad in every way possible. The audio is horrific, the graphics look like they were done by an unimaginative baby who hasn’t developed motor skills, and the combat controls are exceedingly poor. Without good combat controls, a fighter is simply a loser.

  • 3

    Watchmen: Justice is Coming

    Last Legion Games

    What is there for the Watchmen to watch, when no one is playing their little mobile MMO? While their aspirations were high, the creators of Watchmen: Justice is Coming didn’t think about what would happen if no one played their multiplayer game. Subsequently, when you log in, there isn’t much for you to do, or a lot of other people to fight. That is a blessing though, because the combat is worse than having to stare at glowing blue genitalia for two hours. Good thing you can't find it in the App Store anymore.

  • 2



    How dare a mobile development company defile the ghost of a cinematic masterpiece! The Ghostbusters game is a forgotten soul that should have stayed forgotten. The graphics are uglier than Viggo with a bad hair day, and once you’re done playing it, you’ll have filled your basement with the ooze of ill will. Now, we're not talking about Paranormal Blast. That Ghostbusters game is actually fun. This one was so terrible it's no longer in the App Store. Who ya gonna call? Nobody, cause this game sucks.

  • 1

    Angels & Demons Puzzle

    Glu Games

    A knock-off Bejeweled puzzle game for a tie-in? Are you serious? This game is more boring than Tom Hanks' portrayal of Robert Langdon. Langdon might excel at locating lost treasures, but even he would have a tough time finding this game in the App Store. The movie sucked, the game sucked, the whole thing sucked! Which is why it's #1 on our 10 worst movie games list.