What can one say about 10 best zombie games in the App Store? Is it easy or hard to choose games where the only goal is to kill the undead, or have developers found a way to mix things up? Are zombies really the bad guys we make them out to be, or are they just misunderstood creatures with rotting flesh, who only want someone to play with? Naw. They're annoying as heck. So it's fun finding a game that lets you go nuts and blow the heads off of their reincarnated corpses. Let's see which zombies games rose from their App Store graves and made our list.

  • 10

    Zombie Highway

    Auxbrain, Inc.

    So much for that nice drive through the wasteland. Fella can't even take his girl out to a picnic without zombies jumping on his car. Luckily you can run them into other cars piled up on the road or blast them off with the weapons you earn for achieving certain goals. Don't get them off in time, and they'll flip your vehicle, ruining your picnic plans, and your plans for living to see another day.

  • 9

    Zombie Ace

    Hothead Games

    A charming animated adventure where you pilot a zombie ace on a mission to infect various cities across the country. Do this by upgrading your airplane and zombie buddies. It's actually quite fun and has a lot of neat power-ups and goals. Just don't be nice on your quest for zombie domination. We can't have that in this aircraft!

  • 8

    Pro Zombie Soccer


    Pro Zombie Soccer might be the strangest title on our list. Hundreds of zombies are descending upon you, and your main weapons are your legs and your soccer ball. You do earn some sweet power-ups as you play, but nothing's better than kicking a soccer ball so hard it knock a zombie's head off. If they had a zombie Olympics, this would be the #1 sport.

  • 7

    Zombie Tsunami


    A cute and fun side-scrolling game where your goal is to bite humans and increase your zombie numbers. Great animation that reminded me of Aardman Animations character design. With witty power-ups like a dragon, coins to collect and cute soundbites, Zombie Tsunami deserves to be in any 10 best zombie games list.

  • 6

    Gears & Guts

    Glu Games Inc.

    Gears & Guts makes our 10 best zombies games list because the pedestrians don't have the right of way -- you do. And you'll enforce your street justice by hopping in your car of doom and mowing over the countless zombie idiots who are clogging up the streets and intersections. People are getting hit by cars everyday here in Los Angeles, so maybe the zombie apocalypse has already begun and I haven't been paying attention.

  • 5

    Zombieville USA 2

    Mika Mobile, Inc.

    The sequel to the best-selling Zombieville USA gives you more weapons, attitude and more zombies to kill. Conserve your ammo but don't think twice about blowing off a zombie's face with your shotgun. Run out of bullets? This baseball bat will do. The sequel is just as fun and addicting as the original.

  • 4

    Stupid Zombie

    GameResort LLC

    Stupid Zombie caught me by surprise. It looks stupid. The graphics are stupid. The zombies are stupid. But the game play is simple, tough and pretty smart. Your Army of Darkness looking leading man has to kill off the zombies in each stage but he only has a certain number of bullets to accomplish the mission. Plan each shot carefully and watch the zombie heads fly. It's a lot of fun.

  • 3

    Walking Dead: The Game

    Telltale Games

    I might have ranked this a notch higher if it didn't crash on me a couple of times. Walking Dead: The Game is an animated interactive movie where you watch the action and press the buttons that show up on screen. You can also choose various responses and questions during conversations. It's really well made and features excellent voice over work. If the game doesn't die on you, that is. (Get it? I'm so witty.)

  • 2

    Dead Trigger

    MADFINGER Games, a.s.

    A first-person shooter with awesome graphics, tons of zombies and blood and kick ass weapons? For free? Sign me up, soldier! Dead Trigger provides an awesome amount of content for the perfect cost of free, and you'll dig the sharp graphics, great music and intense moments. Lock and load and blow away the annoying undead.

  • 1

    Plants vs. Zombies


    This article was supposed to have been done a week ago, but I was too busy playing this game to bother writing about it. If you've never played Plants vs. Zombies, then you need to. If you have played it, play it again. If you hate plants or zombies or defense types game, buy it anyway. It's our #1 pick for 10 best zombie games for a reason. It's fun and it's addicting. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some cute, zombie dispatching plants to tend to.


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