David Jaffe, creator of Sony's God of War franchise, revealed the brooding bad-ass Kratos had a bit of a different tint prior to the first game's announcement.

In another of Jaffe's behind-the-scenes blogs, he discussed the frantic last minute change to the look of God of War protagonist Kratos just before the first entry was announced to the world. According to Jaffe, Kratos' full body tribal tattoo was originally colored blue, but was changed to red only after the discovery of another similar-looking hero.

One of the members of the God of War development team approached Jaffe to point out just how close the look of Kratos mirrored that of the Barbarian in Diablo II. "I had played Diablo but never 2, and this was sure news to me," Jaffe recalled. "As it was too clearly to many/all others on the team, as this was the first we'd heard of the character, let alone the similarity. So you can bet we changed it, lickety f*ckin' split!"

It's interesting to hear how one of the most recognizable characters in Sony's catalog got his signature look. Even if it was a change made at the absolute last second.

What do you think of blue Kratos? Was red the way to go?