One of 2012's biggest surprises, Hotline Miami, will be getting a sequel that takes place during the '90s.

Dennaton Games duo Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedi took some time at GDC to speak with Joystiq about the follow-up to Hotline Miami. According to the duo, there will be more parallel plot lines spun off from the first game. The sequel will also try to create more emotional experiences.

The game will take place during the '90s, but will not feature Hotline Miami's protagonist as the lead character. "Jacket," as he has become known, will appear in the game though in some form. The soundtrack will maintain the same vibe, but will not have an all-new score.

Though it is being developed for the PC at the moment, Dennaton said a PlayStation Vita port may ship day-and-date if talks with Sony go well. Hotline Miami is due to hit the Vita this spring. The developers also said this will be the last game in the series, calling it their "grand finale."

Have you played Hotline Miami yet? Are you interested in a sequel?