This award-winning, noir puzzle game is Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima's game of the year.

Hideo Kojima recently announced to the world that his favorite game of the year was the iOS puzzle title, Framed. This obscure title focuses on rearranging the context and circumstances of traditional action game mechanics (running, jumping and shooting) instead of controlling them directly. You change the order of the game's comic book-like frames in order to dictate the action of what happens to the characters involved. The result is surprisingly in-depth and thought-provoking.

"Played "FRAMED" by Liveshack. High sense of gameplay, graphic, & sound. My best game in this year without any doubt," Kojima Tweeted.

Joshua Boggs, one half of Loveshack Entertainment and the creator of Framed, marked out with an appropriate response:

"growing up with [Hideo Kojima's] work was what inspired me to pursue creating games and believe I could make something great," Boggs said. "So [Hideo Kojima's] comments about FRAMED being his GOTY is literally my childhood game god idol saying 'you did good, kid.'"

We applaud both of these fellas. Bravo to Boggs for making an excellent game that provides a breath of fresh air to the iOS and action game formats, and bravo to Kojima for giving small-time developers like Loveshack the attention they deserve.