Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro would've been joined by horror manga artist Junji Ito in the now-cancelled Silent Hills game. Thanks again, Konami.

Guillermo del Toro revealed on Twitter that he and Hideo Kojima planned to involve Junji Ito in the development process of Silent Hills, the duo's cancelled game set in the foggy, monster-filled universe of Silent Hill. Konami announced the cancellation of this project earlier this year, as it has been all but confirmed that Kojima will be leaving the company after nearly three decades of work.

"JUNJI ITO, undisputed master of horror in Japan (along with Hino and Tsubaki) and our collaborator in SILENT HILL (S)," del Toro said. "Kojima and myself are fans."

Junji Ito is known for his ongoing work in horror manga. His most well known works are Tomie, Gyo and Uzumaki, which are each quite creepy in their own ways. Tomie was adapted into a live action film series that has spawned over eight entries as well as its own TV series. Gyo was made into a 30-minute-long OVA (original video animation). I've included a trailer for Gyo for those who'd like to check it out.

Ito would've made an excellent addition to the development team of Silent Hills, whether it was art/monster/character design or some other similar position where his personal style of horror would've meshed with the world Kojima and del Toro were creating. While Konami swears they're still in the console gaming business, I don't know how they could possibly live up to the amount of talent that was originally attached to Silent Hills or where they could possibly take the series next.

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