Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima's Silent Hills might be cancelled, but Lilith Ltd.'s Allison Road continues down the haunted path Konami has renounced.

The UK team at Lilith Ltd. have finally taken Allison Road to Kickstarter. This first-person survival horror game continues in the style of P.T., Hideo Kojima's Playable Teaser for the cancelled Silent Hills. While Silent Hills may have gotten the axe and P.T. has been permanently removed from the PlayStation Store, Allison Road continues the motif of trying to survive a haunted apartment. Only this time, the entire house is haunted.

Those familiar with P.T. should be right at home on Allison Road. There's even a digital alarm clock to remind you of what time the hauntings begin. Originally starting off with just a lone developer, now Lillith Ltd. has a group of 10 experienced team members working on bringing Allison Road to life. The group cites Silent Hill 2, Dead Space and Resident Evil as their primary influences (of course P.T. as well, but they probably didn't mention it to avoid any legal troubles).

The team needs to crowdfund £250,000 (roughly $388,281) for Allison Road's PC release, £300,000 (~$465,030) for Mac/Linux and £375,000 (~$581,291) will begin its mystery goals. Since backer rewards include PlayStation 4 and Xbox One downloads, we can assume that console releases are somewhere on Allison Road's additional, yet-to-be-announced stretch goals.

As of the publication of this article, Allison Road's Kickstarter is at roughly $11,000 of its $388,281 campaign goal (roughly 3 percent) with 29 days to go. The PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Allison Road and the various Kickstarter backer bonuses have an estimated launch window of Dec. 2016.

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