The creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima, looks back at the impact his games have had on his coworkers and fans in a heartfelt debriefing video.

Konami has posted a goodbye video from Hideo Kojima where he sits and chats with some of the most important people he has encountered in making the Metal Gear franchise. As Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain just launched to extremely positive receptions across the board, this video features the legendary game maker interviewing various people who were pivotal in the creation of his hits. Taking a tour through California, Kojima got to visit various members of Konami and the now defunct Kojima Productions in order to hear their final thoughts on the series. It's strange to see Konami put this up on their official YouTube account, given their treatment of Kojima over the past few months. I was also hoping that David Hayter would show up, but he didn't. Nevertheless, it's still sad to see Kojima walking away from the series.

Kojima sat with Kyle Cooper (Title Concept and Design for MGS2, MGS3, MGSV), Justin Burnett (Music Composer for MGSV), Voice Actor Robin Atkin Downes (Miller) and Voice Actor Troy Baker (Ocelot) to hear how working on Metal Gear changed their lives. He also spoke with Greg Miller and Geoff Keighley to reflect on how Metal Gear changed the video game scene as a whole.

Lastly, Kojima visited the house of one of his greatest fans, as the fans are what matter the most to him. Sean Paul Gillespie may not have lived long enough to see the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but Kojima never forgot him. Hideo personally went to Sean's house to hand-deliver The Phantom Pain to his parents and so he could pay his respects.

Konami also released an interview-based tribute video where some important people speak about how important Kojima and the Metal Gear series are. Of course, having Guillermo del Toro speaking about Kojima at the end of the video is a bit unsettling.

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