First 4 Figures is here to bring you a statue of NiGHTS the Nightmaren hailing from Nightopia in the Night Dimension.

Just in case you haven't heard the word 'night' enough for six lifetimes, read on. First 4 Figures has started taking pre-orders for the new exclusive and regular statues of NiGHTS from Sega's NiGHTS Into Dreams. NiGHTS the Nightmaren originated in the game as a creation of the wizard, Wizeman the Wicked (oh that nomenclature). He was meant to carry out the evil deeds of Wizeman the Wicked, but instead, NiGHTS chose his own path because NiGHTS didn't want Nightopia to be destroyed. Now, instead of carrying out the nightmares that Wizeman created him for, NiGHTS  travels through people's nightmares to help them conquer their, "waking world fears."

In the statue, NiGHTS stands on a platform with a crescent moon framing him in the background, which is exactly how we remember him. The difference between the exclusive and the regular figure comes in the moon that is framed behind NiGHTS. In the exclusive version, the moon lights up for nighttime viewing while in the regular version there are no lighting effects. Both statues stand at 12.5 inches tall and are made of high quality, hand-painted polystone. The statue will also come in full-color packaging with a hand-numbered base and authenticity card.

The NiGHTS statue is the fifth installment to the Sega All-Stars range, but if you want to complete your collection, you need to act fast. Pre-orders for both the $209.99 regular (1,000 pieces worldwide) and $234.99 exclusive (500 pieces worldwide) versions have begun, and will likely sell out soon.