Looks like Skyward Sword fans are about to get at least one more massive collectible based on the most recent console Legend of Zelda.

First 4 Figures will be releasing a statue based on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword sometime next year. The towering collectible features Link flying on the back of Loftwing, his trusty bird companion. At 26-inches tall (with a 25-inch wingspan on Loftwing), there's no denying you're going to need some serious shelf space to contain this latest in a line of Zelda statues from F4F.

Unlike many other recent F4F releases, there will only be one version of this statue, limited to 2500 pieces. At $459.99, you had better like Loftwing and Link an awful lot to invest in such a gigantic piece of Zelda history. You can pre-order the figure now over on First 4 Figure's official site.

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