Roll and Mega Man's bigger brother, Proto Man, makes for an awesome statue in First 4 Figures' latest creation.

First 4 Figures has revealed its new Proto Man statue that will stand proud at 13" tall. Proto Man will stand at the same height as First 4 Figures' Running Mega Man statue, which will make them great companion pieces. As per usual with First 4 Figures' statues, there will be a regular version and an exclusive version. The difference between the two will be that the exclusive statue will be lit up throughout his suit, including his Proto Blaster, with LEDs. Both statues will be cast in high quality polystone and hand painted. They will also come in full color packaging complete with a hand numbered base and an authenticity card. This authenticity card will also serve as your model number in case you want to purchase the next statue that will come out in the Mega Man series. If you have the authenticity card, you will be able to order the same number for all of your statues.

Proto Man's character had his debut in Mega Man 3 where he was introduced as the early prototype of Mega Man, and eventually become an antagonist-like brother figure to him. It is revealed that there is a flaw in his energy system, which will cause him to have a shorter lifespan (and a more painful one) than Mega Man, resulting in him focusing on building up Rock to be the best robot he could be.

If you want one of First 4 Figures Proto Man statues, you will have to act quickly! The exclusive version will only have 550 units and the regular version will have 1000 units at $239.00 and $209.99, respectively. Both statues are slated to ship in Q4 2015.