If you've ever wanted something to celebrate your love of the toughest of cream puffs, Kirby, now's your chance. First 4 Figures has announced that it's doing a limited run on some high-quality statues featuring Kirby copying one of his most iconic abilities, the sword.

First 4 Figures went on to describe the figure as being "made from polystone resin and hand painted with the series' bright and vibrant colors. From the bottom of the base to the tip of his sword, Kirby measures 16 inches tall."

The Kirby statue will come in deluxe full color packaging, feature a hand numbered base, and include an authenticity card which allows you to purchase the same number of the model next in the Kirby series. The limited edition version will also include an LED light system to make this collectible stand out even more.

It's definitely an incredible-looking figure, no doubt, and a worthy entry for any collector who loves the little pink guy. However, the price tag starts at $240 dollars for this limited run of 850 figures (a standard edition will also be available for $220), so this is no causal purchase for those who are faint of heart and stingy of money. This is a hardcore purchase for hardcore collectors. Just look at the face on that little guy— he means business, and if you want to add him to your collection you better mean business, too.