First 4 Figures is at it again with yet another set of statues. This time it's taking on Viewtiful Joe in the first of its Capcom All-Stars Collection.

Viewtiful Joe started out his life as a movie lover innocently enough... until he got captured and turned into a super hero in order to rescue his girlfriend from Movieland. Unfortunately for Joe, a group named Jadow decided to kidnap his girlfriend for unspecified reasons and take her to Movieland which is where Joe turns into Viewtiful Joe with the help of his favorite super hero, Captain Blue, after obtaining a V-watch.

Now, First 4 Figures has announced that it will be coming out with two slightly different Viewtiful Joe statues — a regular version and an exclusive version. Both statues will stand at 13.5 inches tall and have a release date of Q4 2015, but they have one distinct difference, LED. The exclusive version of the statue will have super cool light-up eyes and a light-up gem at the top of his helmet. The exclusive version will, of course, be rarer, with only 450 pieces made worldwide compared to the standard's 850. The price will also be slightly more with the exclusive version ($209.99) compared to the regular ($189.99).

If Viewtiful Joe has always been one of your favorite video game characters or you just enjoy the comical appearance of the man with buns of steel (polystone) you can pre-order this statue now before it debuts towards the end of the year. While you wait for your awesome statue to ship, you can check out some awesome sneak peek pictures below.