Electronic Arts, winners of last year's Worst Company in America Tournament, a March Madness bracket style competition held by The Consumerist, is back in the hunt for another title!

The trophy for the tournament is named the Golden Poo, and if EA wins it this year, it will be the first company to win back to back awards. With John Riccitiello announcing March 30th is his last day as EA CEO, as well as the highly troubled launch of SimCity, the company has taken its share of lumps. The recent announcement of hackers having the ability to compromise gamers' Origin accounts hasn't exactly boosted consumer confidence in EA.

EA, however, is going up against such companies as Carnival, Walmart Best Buy, and Comcast, so it does have some competition.

The Consumerist is a consumer advocacy site run by Consumer Reports, and each year it creates an NCAA style bracket to pit businesses against each other. Exasperated citizens vote on what they believe is the worst company in the U.S., and the Golden Poo winner is announced.

No word if golden poo is something you can buy, or scoop up, as a microtransaction in SimCity.