Think your computer is safe from attackers when you're using Origin? Think again. A research team found a fault in the system that lets someone with a computer and malicious intent to take control of your computer and infest it with malware.

Thankfully there are nice computer scientists working to find vulnerabilities in the internet's most used platforms before the bad guys do. According to Ars Technica, the system fault was showcased at Amsterdam's Black Hat security conference. Basically, the code that allows Origin to automatically download and initiate games can be used instead to infect your computer with whatever an attacker might want using an internet link. An attack using this loophole in security was demonstrated on a computer running Origin and Crysis 3.

Don't start laughing yet Steam users, because a similar bug was found in Steam's system back in October.

Hopefully both digital delivery giants will heed these researchers' words. We all know that EA does not want another digital delivery disaster on its hands.