Valve finally gives in to those asking for a Steam frame rate counter as the company reaches a record high with almost 8.5 million concurrent users logged on during New Year's Day.

Polygon reports that the Steam Client beta has recently added a frame rate counter to the Steam Overlay. Also, Valve has announced that it reached a record high of 8,466,441 concurrent users at 12:01 PM (time zone unknown, likely PST due to Valve being based in Washington) on New Year's Day. PC gamers have been asking for an FPS counter for quite a long time and are going to be delighted at being able to use Steam to clock their frames per second instead of third-party tools and applications. Steam users will also be able to customize their visible FPS counter in terms of font, color and display.

Steam hitting almost 8.5 million concurrent users is a big deal considering that it barely broke 7.5 million when it peaked in December 2013. During Steam's Summer Sale, it hit 8 million concurrent users for the first time. Adding almost a million users in a year proves that, while dominating the digital gaming market for PC, Steam is still growing.