If you've missed out on your chance to buy up a load of games to add to your backlog on Steam, then you only have a couple of hours left to start 2015 with a bunch of PC game purchases under your belt.

The Steam Holiday Encore Sale is set to expire later today, so here's your final chance to grab some sweet, new titles to start out your year in gaming. Steam has put up 40 of the best deals, with games discounted to up to 85 percent off, so now's the best time to exercise your right to impulse buy.

Here's a list of the games on sale:

Don't forget that buying games on sale during this period will net you Holiday Sale Trading Cards. If you get all 10 cards, you'll get the Holiday Sale 2014 Badge, backgrounds and a handful of emoticons, just so you can express how simultaneously happy and sad you are to have spent all that money.
The sale ends on Jan. 2, 2015 (today!), at 10AM PST, so go get those games!

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