The Benson brothers have decided to tell the tale of this cult classic role-playing game and its fans' ongoing fight to have the entire series get an official Western release.

Jeff and Robbie Benson have decided to tell the enticing story of the EarthBound series' fanbase in their upcoming documentary, EarthBound, USA, according to IGN. While EarthBound was only released in the United States, it remains a part of the Japanese Mother trilogy, in which EarthBound was actually Mother 2. Mother 1 was only released on the original Famicom system (the Nintendo Entertainment System), in Japan and never saw any form of Western release besides pirated, fan-translated ROMs. The same can be said of Mother 3, which was a Game Boy Advance title that has also never officially traveled past Japan's borders.

The Bensons have been interviewing fans of the game and wish to show how hard EarthBound fans have tried to bring the Mother series over to the North America over the past twenty years. Jeff and Robbie were trying to keep the documentary's existence a surprise until its unveiling, but their latest interview with Shigetsato Itoi, the creator of the Mother series, resulted in an unexpected spotlight when Itoi mentioned the interview on his Twitter.

EarthBound, USA is planning a Kickstarter to help crowdfund the project and is slated for a 2015 release date. The Bensons also jest that the release date could change if "Mother 3 is released," hinting their own love for the series and hopes for an official Western port of the rest of the series.