Nearly every Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger and Earthbound character from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System make up this insane collage featuring over 13,000 individual sprites.

According to Game Informer, this amazing SNES sprite collage was found on Reddit, originally posted by user lax4. For those who are looking closely, a majority of these sprites include the character models from Final Fantasy IV, V and VI, as well as Chrono Trigger, Earthbound and Secret of Mana. This collage also includes numerous monsters and bosses from each of these games. The artist must be an RPG fan, because we don't see Mario, Samus, Link or any of their cohorts anywhere. There might be a game or two that we missed, but given the collage's immense size, we'll let you guys figure it out. A lot of the sprites are of the same characters, but animated in a different position. For example, we have found six sprites depicting the various poses of Cyan from Final Fantasy VI.

We encourage all SNES RPG fans to check out the collage's full picture at Woahdude's imgur. Keep an eye out for that Marlboro monster on the left side -- we're pretty sure that's from Final Fantasy III on the NES. Nevertheless, check out the link and soak up all the nostalgia. Now if only someone would make this into a giant poster...

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