Now that EarthBound is finally coming to us via the Wii U Virtual Console, hopes for localization of its sequel, known as Mother 3 in Japan, have been raised. In fact, one fan translator has offered his services, and his translation files, should Nintendo decide to bring the sequel over as well.

Clyde Mandelin is the fan translator in question, and he's definitely qualified since he's currently employed as a translator for the anime production company, FUNimation Entertainment.

He has posted an offer to Nintendo on his Mother 3 fan translation site, letting the company know that he's got the chops and even puts up a few examples of his work, as well as the work he's put into the unofficial Mother 3 localization and its development blog.

Mandelin admits that that it "might seem unlikely for a legitimate company to use a fan translation or work with fan translators," but he cites Ys: The Oath in Felghana as a recent example of fan translations being used by a company.

Read through the rest of the blog here and let us know if you'd support a fan translation of Mother 3, the sequel to EarthBound.