Though many of you may only know Ness from his many appearances in Super Smash Bros., he's also the star of Earthbound, a legendary SNES RPG which garnered quite the cult following in the twenty years since its release. One such happy happy cult member put together an animated tribute video of Ness' adventures through Onett, Farside, and beyond, and the results are chock full of nostalgia.

Project PK Flash's video takes us through some of Earthbound's most iconic moments and images. There's the meteor landing which starts the whole adventure off, Ness and Paula getting swarmed by zombies and psychically calling for the help of Jeff and Prince Poo (What? That's his name). The Retro New Age Hippy is there, as is the Spiteful Crow, the final battle against Giygas, and, most importantly, a rockin' performance from the Runaway Five (all six of them). Plus, this mix of Polyanna by Catherine Warwick and Eight Melodies by the St. Paul's Cathedral Choir brings the visuals together with a sweet, sweet sound.

Earthbound creator Shigesato Itoi got wind of the video, and, in true Shigesato Itoi, he tweeted that it was "Fantastic!"— in Saturn Speak. Boing Boing!