EA has caused a commotion by filing a trademark application for a mysterious project called "Unravel."

Every time there's a new trademark, it's bound to be found by some random person that has way too much time on their hands, and this trademark was found by NeoGAF. IGN reports that the trademark for Unravel, while we still don't know exactly what it is, has to do with a new product in development at Electronic Arts. We should note that EA has only filed this trademark for Europe and not in North America or Asia yet. However, considering most companies hold off on filing trademarks in multiple countries all at once, it's not exactly unheard of for a trademark to start in Europe and eventually branch out. This likely means that the product will be in development in Europe first.

While we're not sure exactly what this trademark could mean, we still hope it turns out to be a quality game. It could be one of the first games to be streamed on its near-done streaming deal with Comcast. EA hasn't been having the best of luck as of late with a slew of layoffs and a few lawsuits under its belt. EA is likely hoping the Battlefield Hardline launch will make up for all the things that have gone wrong recently, despite those pesky DDoS attacks.

With Shadow Realms recently being cancelled, we're wondering if any of its assets or content will be reused in this upcoming project. Stay tuned as we'll provide more coverage on Unravel once more information is released.