Another day, another story about EA cutting jobs. This is the third report of job cuts that we have heard from the gaming giant in a very short time. One has to wonder if the studio is in trouble?

About a year ago, EA said that it would create 300 new jobs in a new Galway, Ireland customer service center. Now, according to Gamespot, the company has actually cut jobs at this location. Admittedly, it didn’t cut many jobs, under 20 according to Gamespot’s source, The Journal. However, when added to the many jobs that EA has cut at other locations, the layoffs are starting to add up.

The customer support center opened in September of 2011 with the purpose of supporting Star Wars: The Old Republic, though the center soon started supporting all of EA’s major titles. Perhaps this can be taken as a sign that The Old Republic is failing quicker than we once thought. Or perhaps EA simply needs to tighten up its belt all around.