We're all willing to bow to the king in a new Duke Nukem title, just as long as it isn't forever.

According to VG247, a teaser site has been opened which counts down to the unveiling of what is believed to be Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction. We can assume that this teaser page is for Duke Nukem given the obvious reference to Roddy Piper's infamous lines from the bank scene in 'They Live', which Duke has repeatedly used as one of his catchphrases in the past.

It looks as though the teaser page has a hidden alien message as well, which is meant to translate itself once the teaser page gets more and more likes on Facebook. A Redditor has already leaked the deciphered message, which would confirm that the page is indeed meant for the Duke. In the unencrypted translation, mention is made of Mass Destruction being a top-down action RPG, which will arrive on the PC and PlayStation 4.

Given the amount of animosity held for Duke Nukem Forever, we're unsure whether or not 2K Games would be rushing to put out another Duke title so soon. As a result, we're still not dismissing the idea that this could be an elaborate hoax. We will continue to provide additional coverage of this alleged Duke Nukem teaser page once more information becomes available.