Interceptor Entertainment and 3D Realms have given Shelly Harrison a metal makeover, as you can tell by this wickedly-badass trailer for Bombshell.

The team known for making Max Payne and Duke Nukem household names have returned to bring Bombshell to life. We originally saw bits and pieces of Bombshell last year, when its title character had one of those ridiculous shaved-half-head haircuts that are meant to look like you're charged full of personality but ultimately looks like your electric razor's battery wasn't charged enough. We're glad to see that Michelle "Bombshell" Harrison has a new look, bionic arm and all. Harrison was originally a bomb technician who became a hired gun. This mercenary has a mechanical arm that allows her to do all sorts of crazy attacks to those unfortunate enough to stand in her way. How did she end up with this avenging appendage? Well, she lost her original arm in a failed attempt to disarm (pun intended) a massive charge that ravaged Washington. She was then rearmed by a private military company that hired her, with her new limb made from technology unearthed from the Washington explosion.

A badass girl, lots of guns, a bionic arm and tons of explosions. How could Bombshell get any crazier? With aliens. The maniacal scientist Dr. Jadus Heskel has summoned the alien armadas of the Kyrr to kidnap the President and hold Earth for ransom. It's up to you to use Bombshell's hybrid style of RPG and first-person shooter gameplay to set things right. Bombshell should be debuting sometime later this year for PC and an unspecified set of consoles (we're guessing Xbox One and PS4).