In a medium of entertainment where the average protagonist is usually bestowed the manliest of qualities, being macho is a way for characters to show off and stand out amongst their cohorts. By flexing oversized muscles, shooting oversized guns, spitting out one-liners, and getting all the girls, video game characters cement themselves in our memories. But the manliest of individuals, in order to reach areas of machoness that have never been reached before, must have a genuine "it" factor. Today, we celebrate the 10 Most Macho Men of Gaming!

Earthworm Jim - Earthworm Jim 1 & 2

Earthworm Jim is first on our list because he's a space rocket-riding earthworm in an muscular super-suit and has badass catchphrases. Groovy!

Earthworm Jim


Auron - Final Fantasy X

When the destruction of Zanarkand was brought about by the monstrous Sin, Auron simply raised his jug of sake towards it and toasted its welcome.



Sabin Figaro - Final Fantasy 6

Sabin gave up the throne of Castle Figaro to his brother, Edgar, in order to physically train in solitude to the point that he could suplex trains. Yes, trains.



Jax - The Mortal Kombat Series

Jax was already macho in Mortal Kombat 2; he had an American flag portrait and insanely huge muscles. In Mortal Kombat 3, he had his large arms cybernetically-enhanced to make him stronger than the Outworld invaders.



Captain Falcon - F-Zero and Super Smash Bros. Series

Captain Falcon drives a fast ride, has muscles bulging out of his race suit, and properly boasts his greatness by being extremely flamboyant. Falcon POSE!

Captain Falcon


Zangief - Street Fighter Franchise

Zangief has chest and shin hairs that are thicker than his beard. He's also got all his scars from wrestling bears in the Siberian wilderness. The picture below shows him literally oozing machismo.



Mike Haggar - Final Fight Series

When the hoods of Metro City kidnapped his daughter, Mayor Mike Haggar took the justice system into his hands and handed out piledrivers to every criminal on the street until he got her back.

Mike Haggar


Duke Nukem - Duke Nukem Series

He gets the girls. He shoots pig cops. Duke Nukem and his array of famous movie quotes are nothing but macho, so hail to the king.

Duke Nukem


"Macho Man" Randy Savage - WWE All Stars

Whether he is dropping elbows or treating Ms. Elizabeth like dirt, there is no one more macho than the "Macho Man" Randy Savage except...

Macho Man Randy Savage


Super Macho Man - Punch Out!! Series

Super Macho Man has been THE most macho character of gaming since 1987 and he holds the title to this day. Every single punch he ever throws ends with him posing and flexing. Mucho macho!

Super Macho Man

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