Hundreds of thousands of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) fans are glued to their screens this weekend for the DOTA 2 finals. Who'll bring home the big money, and who'll crumble and "feed" the other team? It's tough to say who'll win this clash of the e-sports titans, but what we can safely say is that DOTA 2, and the MOBA genre in general, has taken the world by storm. Both DOTA 2 and its chief rival, League of Legends, have millions of loyal players logged in at any moment, all hungry to fight each other and take down the enemy Ancient. So, since these two mammoth MOBA games are so, so popular, it only seems fitting that we pit them against each other to see whose skills are the l33test, and who is teh n00b.

Largest roster of characters: League of Legends (Approximately 110 heroes)


Largest playerbase: League of Legends (Approximately 12 million players at any given time)


Most aesthetically pleasing: DOTA 2. DOTA 2's clean art style, impressive spell effects, and memorable character designs give it an aesthetic appeal that most games just can't match.


Meanest playerbase: League of Legends. The average DOTA 2 player is no peach, either, but LoL's playerbase is so legendarily toxic that much of its development team's time is spent trying to figure out how to get players to be less mean to each other.


Coolest character (League of Legends): Katarina


Coolest character (DOTA 2): Juggernaut


Most balanced gameplay: DOTA 2


Most generous pricing: DOTA 2. While both games are free, only DOTA 2 offers  players access to the entire character roster at zero cost to them.


Winner: DOTA 2

This was one close competition, but, in the end, while League of Legends is one hell of a balanced game, it can't quite match up against the sheer brilliance and rigorous attention to detail that DOTA's developer, Valve, is famous for, which is why DOTA 2 comes out as the mightiest of the MOBAs.