In case you were wondering what Dota 2's Void character would look like in-game without a body, MaxOfS2D has got you covered with his Facefull Void model.

Polygon reports that Valve recently released a whole slew of rejected remodels for its Faceless Void character, but there was one in particular that caught our attention: the Facefull Void. We weren't the only ones intrigued by it, as YouTube user MaxOfS2D promptly made it into an animated, fully working, model for in-game use, despite its rejection from Valve's idea book. Each of the ideas that Valve produced had a pro and con list, but we think that the Facefull Void had the best combo of the bunch.

Here are some of the failed models that Valve rejected (all pictured below):

First there was the Faceless Elf: handsome, striking and nice pointy ears. Then there was the Faceless Rex: ferocious, but tiny arms. Then there was the Faceless Lobster, just to mix it up a bit. There was also the awesome-to-children-in-the-1980s Void. Finally, there was the star of the show: the Facefull Void. Valve's pros: "Finally has a face," the cons: "Oh god what were we thinking". In all honesty, that's pretty accurate.

Either way, despite being a rejected concept, the Facefull Void has come to life thanks to the imaginative mind and hard work of MaxOfS2D and many people wish he had come to life in Dota 2 as well.