Whether you're a Dota player, a Steam user or a visitor thinking we were an arcade/sushi bar, it's your duty to vote in the most important election ever: the Goat Simulator Goat is up for voting as a custom Dota 2 courier.

What began as a joke has become a phenomenon: Goat Simulator, the hilarious open-world chaos engine which lets you play as a goat while licking the universe into submission, is now a multi-platform smash hit, and developer Coffee Stain Studios wants to expand their four-legged mascot into Dota 2 as a courier. It licks! It wobbles! It still has that insane jetpack! The Goat Simulator Goat (or GSG for short) certainly retained its brand of vacant-eyed charm in its transition from Goat Simulator to Dota 2, and fits right in with this wild world of meathook-wielding zombies, glowing elementals and jerky juggernauts.

Whether GSG makes it as custom content for Dota 2 is up to you, the good players of this fine MOBA. If it does, here's hoping we see GSG as a guest character in many more games to come — perhaps smashing Pikachu off of ledges in the next Smash Bros, or splitting people in half in the new Mortal Kombat.

The polls are open to add the Goat Simulator Goat to Dota 2. If you want to vote for GSG, or are a no-fun having evil person and don't like the goat, you can pop over here on Steam to make your voice heard.