A talented modder in the Dota 2 community named BMD has taken it upon himself to turn the popular Valve MOBA game into a third-person shooter experience he calls "Action Dota," and he's given us a glimpse of his pet project via an awesome YouTube clip.

The eight minute clip (courtesy of Polygon) shows a very basic run through of the concept featuring very early gameplay, with some animations noticeably missing among other quirks. He notes in the video description that this footage is a "quick attempt at testing out some basic gameplay functionality for a 3rd person shooter mode," so anyone expecting a finished and ready to play product needs to be a little more patient.

Throughout the video, BMD types explanations on how to play, significant changes made to the game  and what he's trying to accomplish, giving us some inside ideas on what the future of "Action Dota" holds. To be honest, we could see a lot of hours being thrown into a third-person action game set in the Dota world, so BMD may be on to something here.

While we've see MOBAs get the third-person camera treatment before, this is the first time we've ever seen the entire format of the game change. Turning Dota 2 into a brand new type of game is risky and may turn some veteran players off, but we feel like third-person shooter is a lot more accessible to the common non-MOBA player and might even convince that non-MOBA person into trying Dota 2 for the first time. We hope to see more from "Action Dota" in the future.